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We are experts in custom solutions


  • In Talleres Abásolo we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing metal structures and mechanized or non-mechanized boilermaking in any sector where a quality product with guarantees is needed.
  • To our closest customers we offer a comprehensive maintenance service with immediate response, solving problems in a creative way and as economically as possible.


  • For us, the main thing is people, whatever their relationship with us. Our priority is the satisfaction of each of them in their expectations and needs with Talleres Abásolo.
  • Our products and services will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, offering the expected quality at the best price and term.
  • Liaise with companies related to us helps us to offer comprehensive quality services, creating added value in our services.
  • We respect scrupulously the legal regulations and requirements of the client, also achieving the objective of economic profitability of the project in order to ensure the future and commitment of workers and shareholders, in addition to continuing to create value in our clients.


  • We seek leadership focused on achieving increasingly demanding objectives.
  • We feel passion for a job well done and satisfaction to exceed the expectations of our environment.
  • Integrity and transparency will always be present in everyone around us.
  • Our products and services require that we collaborate within and outside our scope to offer the best to our customers.

How we work?

  • Our projects stand out for their high quality and we address complex welding for our clients and according to their needs.

  • We study your particular case and try to offer you the most efficent solution. We carry out weekend jobs and we provide you with a custom manufacturing.

  • We bet on short series of work and we offer you jobs with a high added value.

  • We have an expert staff with high capacity to manufacture, install and assemble. Our projects are characterized by their own design and high engineering capacity.

What is our value proposition?

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by being specialists in the manufacture, installation and assembly of mechanized Boilermaking and all kinds of metal structures.
For this we offer you a team of expert professionals, with high performance and qualification to address any project however complex it proves to be.
In Talleres Abásolo we are are committed to encourage your loyalty and and guarantee you a high quality and efficient service.

We dare with any type of metal structure and size of pieces

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