Tailor-made solutions

We are specialists in efficient and tailor- made solutions

Why do you want to choose Talleres Abasolo?

If you want to have a manufacture of mechanized boilermaking and high quality metal structures, we are your allies. With Talleres Abásolo you will have a team of professionals who dare to tackle projects that other companies can not reach.

We are attracted to face challenges and tackle the most complex projects. We bet on short series of work for unique projects and provide a greater added value to your products.

We offer you efficient and tailor-made solutions

Each case and client is different. We study your case personally and we try to give you a solution as efficient as possible, according to the needs of your company.

What happens if you do not have plans for your project? Do not worry, in these cases we adapt to your specifications and we offer you the best service, no matter the cost.

What added value do we provide to your company?

We are specialists in Industrial boilermaking and machining in particular. We guarantee the realization of projects with their own design and high engineering.
To this competitive advantage, we add the manufacture of any type of metallic structure, as well as all kinds of sizes in service pieces.
In Talleres Abásolo you will have expert staff, highly qualified and with the coverage of a 100% guaranteed service.

If you want to have an expert and highly qualified team, do not hesitate,

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